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Reddit cs go bets

/r/GlobalOffensive - The main CS:GO reddit!
/r/CSGOLounge - CSGOLounge subreddit
/r/GlobalOffensiveTrade - Want to trade items?
/r/cheapcsgotrading - Want to trade items valued less than $85 then this is the place!
/r/CSGOScores - Reddit Live Updates
/r/CSGOMarketForum - Discussions about the STEAM market.

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CSGO Betting Site Reviews
CSGOBetting The team are here to help you examine all the opportunities in the CS:GO betting landscape. Whether you are in the UK, Australia or anywhere else in the world, we provide the definitive place to find out anything you might need about eSports gambling sites that offer eSports betting, particularly on our favourite game, CounterStrike: Global Offensive.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

We are a team of highly trained CS:GO predictors who take predicting matches to another level. From researching the importance of a match, to how many hours the individual players have played that week, to how a specific player is feeling that day. We leave no stone unturned in giving you guys the best possible predictions we can. Helping you to turn those skins into something all of your friends are jealous of.

ABasic Guide to CS:GO Lounge Betting : csgobetting

-I have been a fan of this team for so long that i know every single aspect of the squad. I have a pretty good idea of with what specific squad and formation they are the strongest, and also who are the key players, and vice versa. So when specific players are rested/ benched or injured, the less favourable they become in certain matchups. (Bellerin, Lacazette or Sokratis for example)

Almost every website has some kind of welcome offer to their new players. Sometimes you even get free money to play with or a bonus on your first deposit to the site. If you would like to sign up on a new website we have the promo code and information in our list for csgo betting sites, so use that one when signing up to get the free and good stuff.

The prize pools are lower than Valve’s other esports title, Dota 7 , but this is because Valve uses player crowd-funded prizes via microtransactions in Dota 7.  Whilst there are many stickers, graffitis, and weapon skins sold in CS:GO, these do not ever contribute to the prize pool of CS:GO tournaments.

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Bet on the biggest CSGO events from ELEAGUE, ESL, PGL, Dreamhack, FACEIT, ECS and more. We&rsquo re even global partners with ESL, sponsoring all their tournaments, so you know that we&rsquo re right at the core of the action.

The CS:GO tournament prize pool is lower than Dota 7, but that doesn’t necessarily reflect on the popularity of those titles as esports, however, because Valve sells content to raise money for their Dota 7 invitational tournament, whereas the equivalent for CS:GO (Major tournament sticker packs) does not raise money for the prize pool.

"Pinnacle" is a catch-all category for internally authored eSports betting articles drawing on the huge wealth of eSports knowledge within our content and trading teams.